June 13, 2014

Full-Service Advantages for our Clients

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For over a year, Ad-Mail has been processing our client mailings as Full-Service. Many mailers have chosen not to make this change, as it requires a considerable investment of software, training, testing, and time. When the USPS decided to delay the requirement for Full-Service, these mailer may feel like they have dodged a bullet. We have no regrets, as we feel the requirement will eventually be mandated, and there are several ADVANTAGES which our clients are enjoying NOW, as listed below.

1. Postage cost is REDUCED and we pass all the postage discounts on to our client postage.

2. We do not charge our clients for additional Full-Service processing, so clients reap all the benefits.

3. Client mail receives better USPS service and delivery when processed as Full-Service.

4. Tracking and Tracing capabilities are easily added when your mailing is processed as Full-Service.


Centennial Birthday

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My how the decades fly by when you are having fun! Our predecessor company, Crane Direct Mail Service, was founded in Portland in 1914. In 1965 it became Ad-Mail and has has evolved from a small multi-graph and addressing company to it’s present status as a direct-mail and marketing services provider.


Happy 100th Birthday Ad-Mail, Inc!

We look back with gratitude to the hard work and foundation laid by Gordy Anderson, and to so many dedicated employees who have made Ad-Mail a wonderful place to work. And we also want to acknowledge our present staff who continue to manage our client mailing projects with the attention to detail and postal know-how which keeps the clients coming back for more.

Our personal evolution has witnessed many changes:

  1. IBM punch cards for addressing morphed into a mainframe computer and now to secure servers
  2. Multi-graph and mimeo-graphing have evolved into offset printing and now into high-quality, full color digital printing.
  3. Addressing moved from Labels to Laser and InkJet
  4. The 1963 addition of the zip code has transitioned into today’s zip+4 and Intelligent Mail barcode.

THANK YOU to all the wonderful Ad-Mail employees and our loyal customers, for 100 years of FUN!Image



November 18, 2012

USPS Changes for FSM (Folded Self-Mailers)

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The United States Postal Service (USPS) published final regulations for folded self-mailers. These new rules will take effect January 5, 2013, so Ad-Mail is being pro-active in informing our clients about this change. In many cases the mail-piece design will be affected as well as the choice of paper stock. We feel it is best to speak with you directly about the changes, so feel free to call us or email (Susi and Kathy, pictured) or Frank or Bill or Braxton at 503-223-1101. We also have attached here, for your review, a link to USPS document on new rules for FSM.



March 1, 2012

Movin’ Your Mail

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Movin' Your Mail

DIRECT MAIL WORKS……..and seeing our truck making the daily rounds from our production mail-shop to the post office…..not missing a beat since 1914…..tells a story about consistently good service and a communication medium that works!

January 17, 2011

Success with Annual Appeals

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We are delighted to have heard from several customers that the Annual Appeals we helped them with this past season were the most successful they have ever had! That is great news, especially in the sluggish economy.

So what makes some Annual Appeal campaigns more successful than others? Lets look at key factors:
1. A clean data file – when you take care to manage your data file and select appropriate records your ROI will improve. Likewise, the fact that we seamlessly NCOA files and de-dupe when necessary contributes to better list targeting.
2. Really telling your story – reaching out with a heartfelt message.
3. Great design, especially with color, graphics, and photos.
4. Timing – Planning ahead so there is plenty of time for pre-press, proofing, production enables you to get the mailer to your recipient when you want, taking into account the holiday mail traffic.
5. Convenience – supply a courtesy or business reply envelope, or use the direct mail to lead recipient to your website.
6. Make sure your mailer is designed to be postal-compliant, and get approval of design from a mailer- because small design changes can often save big $$$ in postage and processing.
7. Many organizations do follow-up campaigns to those who did not respond the first time around. This gives you an opportunity to send another message.

How to Obtain a Mailer ID (for IMb requirement)

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Customers must obtain a MID number in order to utilize the IMb. To apply for a MID:
1. Go to USPS.COM Click on the link for the Business Customer Gateway in the lower right corner.
This will take you to the Log-In page.
2. A current user may “sign in” with an existing Username and password. New users should click
“sign up”.
3. On the “sign up” screen, create a Username and Password. Then click “continue”.
4. On the “Profile Account Type” screen, select “Business”. (Personal will send you back to
USPS.com). Then clink “continue”.
5. Create your Business Profile (red asterisks indicate required information). Then click “continue”.
6. Verify your Company Account Information on the Company Profile Summary. Then click “edit” or
7. Agree to the Privacy Act Statement. Then click “continue”.
8. On the Select a Business Service screen, select “Mailer ID.” Then click “continue”.
9. New users will have to go through the Business Service Administrator (BSA) process, click “I
certify……..”, then click “yes”.
10. On the Business Service Administrator (Access Granted) page, click “continue”.
11. “Business Customer Gateway” page opens. Click “sign out” at the top of the page.
12. Go to your email and open a message from the USPS. Scroll down and click the “sign in and get
started link”.
13. At the Business Customer Gateway page, Log-in with user name and password.
14. On the Gateway page, click on Mailer ID under Design and Prepare.
15. On the “Welcome to the Mailer ID System” page, click “Request a MID”.
16. At “Apply for MID” screen, use drop down arrow and select 9-digit MID, then select # of MIDs
requested (1), then click Request MIDs.
17. At next screen, select “automatically generate this MID” and select “Full/Basic Service”, then click
Request MIDs.
18. At next screen, system issues a new MID. Record this number and sign out.
For questions and assistance, Gateway Help Desk: 1-800-522-9085.
Or contact Customer Service at Ad-Mail,Inc 503-223-1101

IMb Intelligent Mail Barcode Deadline

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On Jan 13, 2011 the new Postmaster General made a wise move to delay the mandatory deadline of May 2011 for implementation of the new Intelligent Mail Barcode. While we believe the eventual adaptation of the IMb will be a great postal enhancement, we feel that allowing more time will help mailers AND the USPS prepare for a smoother transition. In the future, the IMb will be of such value that customers will not need to have it mandated – they will want to switch to IMb to capture the benefits.

October 27, 2010


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Smart marketers are linking the power of traditional direct mail with interactive capabilities like personalized URLs, customized microsites, and mobile and email messenging.

Things are moving fast – changing with speed we don’t think we’ve witnessed in our previous 96 years of operation. So hold onto your hats and get ready to evolve with us!

If you are accustomed to using direct mail, but are curious about PURL marketing and what its potential benefits can be- we suggest that the response data you gather could easily be the best measurement tool you have ever had.

In a nutshell, a variable direct mail piece goes out with a PURL leading the recipient to a specially built landing page. Once on a PURL microsite, visitors are invited to complete a survey, provide info for a follow-up, vote for a preference, etc. They can complete as much or as little as they choose, and the session generally closes with a customized Thank You. Reports generated from this process can provide great analytics for future marketing.

Are you intrigued. Why not test the waters now?

October 11, 2010

Annual Appeal interest

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October and November are traditionally big months for NonProfits and Organizations to push out the Annual Appeals.  FREE advice and experience is available from some folks who have been in this biz for almost a century. They can give you tips on design, postal regulations, response options, mailing list enhancements and cleansings, keeping your mailing GREEN with recycled stocks and duplicate or bad address removal. WOW- they are truly amazing. Check ’em out at http://www.admailinc.com. Just tell ’em Susi sent ‘ya.

April 29, 2010

Coupons- A Solid Marketing Tool

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In this economy, everyone is looking for a bargain. Coupons prove to be powerful in attracting business. Customers prefer to receive coupons via direct-mail. Coupons or promotional offers can also be used to direct traffic to your website, by asking that they be redeemed online.

Pretty cool – a blend of a time-honored method with current online technology.

We like the new blend, and can assist you in this multi-media marketing.

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