January 17, 2011

How to Obtain a Mailer ID (for IMb requirement)

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Customers must obtain a MID number in order to utilize the IMb. To apply for a MID:
1. Go to USPS.COM Click on the link for the Business Customer Gateway in the lower right corner.
This will take you to the Log-In page.
2. A current user may “sign in” with an existing Username and password. New users should click
“sign up”.
3. On the “sign up” screen, create a Username and Password. Then click “continue”.
4. On the “Profile Account Type” screen, select “Business”. (Personal will send you back to
USPS.com). Then clink “continue”.
5. Create your Business Profile (red asterisks indicate required information). Then click “continue”.
6. Verify your Company Account Information on the Company Profile Summary. Then click “edit” or
7. Agree to the Privacy Act Statement. Then click “continue”.
8. On the Select a Business Service screen, select “Mailer ID.” Then click “continue”.
9. New users will have to go through the Business Service Administrator (BSA) process, click “I
certify……..”, then click “yes”.
10. On the Business Service Administrator (Access Granted) page, click “continue”.
11. “Business Customer Gateway” page opens. Click “sign out” at the top of the page.
12. Go to your email and open a message from the USPS. Scroll down and click the “sign in and get
started link”.
13. At the Business Customer Gateway page, Log-in with user name and password.
14. On the Gateway page, click on Mailer ID under Design and Prepare.
15. On the “Welcome to the Mailer ID System” page, click “Request a MID”.
16. At “Apply for MID” screen, use drop down arrow and select 9-digit MID, then select # of MIDs
requested (1), then click Request MIDs.
17. At next screen, select “automatically generate this MID” and select “Full/Basic Service”, then click
Request MIDs.
18. At next screen, system issues a new MID. Record this number and sign out.
For questions and assistance, Gateway Help Desk: 1-800-522-9085.
Or contact Customer Service at Ad-Mail,Inc 503-223-1101


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