January 17, 2011

Success with Annual Appeals

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We are delighted to have heard from several customers that the Annual Appeals we helped them with this past season were the most successful they have ever had! That is great news, especially in the sluggish economy.

So what makes some Annual Appeal campaigns more successful than others? Lets look at key factors:
1. A clean data file – when you take care to manage your data file and select appropriate records your ROI will improve. Likewise, the fact that we seamlessly NCOA files and de-dupe when necessary contributes to better list targeting.
2. Really telling your story – reaching out with a heartfelt message.
3. Great design, especially with color, graphics, and photos.
4. Timing – Planning ahead so there is plenty of time for pre-press, proofing, production enables you to get the mailer to your recipient when you want, taking into account the holiday mail traffic.
5. Convenience – supply a courtesy or business reply envelope, or use the direct mail to lead recipient to your website.
6. Make sure your mailer is designed to be postal-compliant, and get approval of design from a mailer- because small design changes can often save big $$$ in postage and processing.
7. Many organizations do follow-up campaigns to those who did not respond the first time around. This gives you an opportunity to send another message.


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