October 27, 2010


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Smart marketers are linking the power of traditional direct mail with interactive capabilities like personalized URLs, customized microsites, and mobile and email messenging.

Things are moving fast – changing with speed we don’t think we’ve witnessed in our previous 96 years of operation. So hold onto your hats and get ready to evolve with us!

If you are accustomed to using direct mail, but are curious about PURL marketing and what its potential benefits can be- we suggest that the response data you gather could easily be the best measurement tool you have ever had.

In a nutshell, a variable direct mail piece goes out with a PURL leading the recipient to a specially built landing page. Once on a PURL microsite, visitors are invited to complete a survey, provide info for a follow-up, vote for a preference, etc. They can complete as much or as little as they choose, and the session generally closes with a customized Thank You. Reports generated from this process can provide great analytics for future marketing.

Are you intrigued. Why not test the waters now?


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