June 13, 2014

Centennial Birthday

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My how the decades fly by when you are having fun! Our predecessor company, Crane Direct Mail Service, was founded in Portland in 1914. In 1965 it became Ad-Mail and has has evolved from a small multi-graph and addressing company to it’s present status as a direct-mail and marketing services provider.


Happy 100th Birthday Ad-Mail, Inc!

We look back with gratitude to the hard work and foundation laid by Gordy Anderson, and to so many dedicated employees who have made Ad-Mail a wonderful place to work. And we also want to acknowledge our present staff who continue to manage our client mailing projects with the attention to detail and postal know-how which keeps the clients coming back for more.

Our personal evolution has witnessed many changes:

  1. IBM punch cards for addressing morphed into a mainframe computer and now to secure servers
  2. Multi-graph and mimeo-graphing have evolved into offset printing and now into high-quality, full color digital printing.
  3. Addressing moved from Labels to Laser and InkJet
  4. The 1963 addition of the zip code has transitioned into today’s zip+4 and Intelligent Mail barcode.

THANK YOU to all the wonderful Ad-Mail employees and our loyal customers, for 100 years of FUN!Image




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