October 27, 2010


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Smart marketers are linking the power of traditional direct mail with interactive capabilities like personalized URLs, customized microsites, and mobile and email messenging.

Things are moving fast – changing with speed we don’t think we’ve witnessed in our previous 96 years of operation. So hold onto your hats and get ready to evolve with us!

If you are accustomed to using direct mail, but are curious about PURL marketing and what its potential benefits can be- we suggest that the response data you gather could easily be the best measurement tool you have ever had.

In a nutshell, a variable direct mail piece goes out with a PURL leading the recipient to a specially built landing page. Once on a PURL microsite, visitors are invited to complete a survey, provide info for a follow-up, vote for a preference, etc. They can complete as much or as little as they choose, and the session generally closes with a customized Thank You. Reports generated from this process can provide great analytics for future marketing.

Are you intrigued. Why not test the waters now?


April 29, 2010

Coupons- A Solid Marketing Tool

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In this economy, everyone is looking for a bargain. Coupons prove to be powerful in attracting business. Customers prefer to receive coupons via direct-mail. Coupons or promotional offers can also be used to direct traffic to your website, by asking that they be redeemed online.

Pretty cool – a blend of a time-honored method with current online technology.

We like the new blend, and can assist you in this multi-media marketing.

NCOA is a Good Thing

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We compare our customer database file to the National Change of Address file.  If we find an UPDATED address, we replace the old address with the new one, and send customers this information so they can in turn update their source file(s).

If we didn’t do this, there would be more Undeliverable As Addresses mail, and customers who mail first class or who use an ancillary endorsement will get the pieces back with a big yellow sticker, and postage due.

We say, why pay for the postage for pieces that will come back – when NCOA means you update your list BEFORE you send out mail.

If a customer is reluctant to have the database updated, we can remove the records which changed, and mail them out at full rate first class.

We believe the process makes sense, and we support the USPS in this required change. NCOA processing allows you to update and remove bad records, saving you money on printing and postage, and it gives you valuable feedback on the quality of your list.

November 23, 2009

Targeted Marketing- Be Selective

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Targeted Marketing vs. Mass Marketing. In one corner we have mass marketing- sending out your message to the masses, and hoping something sticks. In the other corner, targeted marketing- doing your homework, knowing your audience and what appeals to them, and targeting them personally by using professional titles and first names. The fight just doesn’t seem fair.

Targeted marketing is much more effective than mass marketing and has proven results. Mass marketing typically achieves a 1% response rate, while targeted marketing achieves response rates that can be as much as 15 times higher. The key is to know your audience, and where to find them. If you’ve ever tried to do this on your own, you know the challenges you’ll face. That’s where we come in.

It is critical to market and keep your name in the mind of consumers – especially in a challenging economic environment – in order to keep generating sales. For example, if your business relies on consumers, then targeting homeowners needs to be a key element of your strategy. Direct mail is among the most effective ways to reach homeowners, but identifying them and getting your information in their hands in a timely manner relies on accurate and targeted lists.
Ad Mail employs a marketing strategy to help companies reach homeowners with specific demographic profiles that match their ideal customer.

Most companies don’t have the time to run a direct mail program, that’s why we take care of everything related to the mailing campaign – from printing, profiling, homeowner list, to mailing – allowing busy executives to focus on managing their business. Ad Mail is an extension of each company’s marketing team, helping them develop their strategy, find their audience, and deliver the message in a timely and cost-effective way.