September 21, 2009

Saving the Trees

Posted in direct mail, Sustainability at 12:35 pm by admailinc

The pressure to go green is increasing every day. According to statistics compiled by the USPS, 2008 was a watershed year for environmental awareness. We’re certainly doing our part at Ad Mail to make mailing more green, specifically by offering a wide variety of recycled paper and envelopes.

Choosing recycled paper helps you go green because…
Recycled paper is made from products that have already been used. The process of producing paper from these sources requires less energy and chemicals than starting from scratch again.

Consumers want to receive mail from you- direct mail ranks 2nd only to TV advertising- but they want to feel good about it too.

• Young consumers rate 75% of the mail they receive as valuable.
• 50% of Gen Y consumers say a brand’s environmental message influences their buying decisions.
• 46% of Gen Y consumers say they would shop more often at a retailer if that brand took a pro-environmental stance.

It’s not just the youth who are interested in being green. New research suggests 50% of all shoppers now consider the environment when making a purchase.

Reporting your green initiatives can also have a positive impact on your company’s bottom line – a study recently conducted by GMA and Price Waterhouse Coopers showed that companies who reported sustainability data experienced:

Higher Gross Margins and Return on Sales
Higher Return on Assets
Stronger Cash Flow
Rising Shareholder Return

Bottom line – going green is smart for your budget, the earth and the consumers. Happy Mailing!


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